The Start-up That's Gunning for Square

Inc | June 18, 2013

Another company wants to be your digital cash register: Punchey, a Boston-based start-up that just came out of beta targets small businesses that typically charge customers higher dollar amounts. Since August Punchey has processed more than 50,000 payments totaling $25 million for 500 companies.Read More

Punchey puts up its dukes to challenge Square in the mobile payments ring

GIGAOM | June 18, 2013

The smartphone mobile payments space is already pretty crowded with Square slugging it out in the U.S. against established payments providers PayPal, Intuit and VeriFone to see who can process the most mobile credit card transactions. There doesn’t seem like there would be much room in the ring for Punchey, which is taking its payment service out of beta on Tuesday. But the company believes it can deliver a surprisingly powerful left hook.Read More

Does Main Street Need Another Payments System?

Bloomberg Businessweek | June 18, 2013

EBay’s (EBAY) PayPal, Groupon’s (GRPN) Breadcrumb POS, and Square are vying to reimagine the cash register for Main Street merchants. Boston-based startup Punchey is launching a new payments system today to join the competition.Read More

The Move to Loyalty Platforms: Yodle Founder Launches Punchey

Kelsey Group | August 22, 2012

In a reflection of the industry’s ongoing interest in developing SMB promotional and loyalty services, Yodle founder Nate Stevens’ venture fund announced last week that it is putting $1.7 Million into Punchey, a new mobile-oriented payments and promotions platform. The 12 person, Boston-based firm was founded in late 2011 and is focused on SMB "upstream marketing initiatives," notes Stevens.Read More

Punchey, Payments & Loyalty Rewards Startup Launches and Raises $1.7M in Funding

Venture Fizz | August 18, 2012

Punchey is launching their small business payments and loyalty rewards program out of beta and have announced their $1.7M Series A round of funding from Stevens Ventures. I first learned about Punchey (at the time named Honey Direct) back in February from a trusted contact, who joined the startup in Boston that was founded by Nathaniel Stevens, one of the Co-Founders of Yodle.Read More

SMB Payment Solution Punchey Launches With $1.7M in Funding

BostInno | August 17, 2012

The latest platform in the burgeoning all-in-one payment industry, Punchey Inc, launched yesterday after securing a $1.7 million funding round from Stevens Ventures. Punchey enables businesses and consumers to securely conduct transactions wherever they may be via a mobile device, on the Web or at the store counter.Read More

Roving Salespeople Aren’t Just for Apple: Punchey Targets Mom-and-Pop Stores

Wall Street Journal | August 16, 2012

Serial entrepreneur and investor Nathaniel Stevens is back in the business of helping small businesses with a new Boston-based tech venture called Punchey.

The start-up offers a payments system for local merchants that covers their mobile, Web and counter businesses, Stevens said. If things go well, Punchey should make "dumb" cash registers obsolete. Read More

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