Pricing & Rates for Small Businesses

Below is Punchey's recommended bundle. Feel free to customize.

Payment Tools

.75% per sale
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Mobile Payments
Recurring Billing
Virtual Terminal
Analytics & Loyalty Tools
Gift Card Management
Feedback Tools
Supported Processors

Marketing Tools

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Reviews & Reputation Management
Deals & Flash Sales

Merchant Services

2.25% per sale
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Credit Card Processing
eCheck Processing
.35% per sale
GiftCard Issuance
Deal Vouchers Issuance
Supported Acquirers
PCI Compliance

Accessories & Hardware

USB Card Reader ($100 each)
USB Signature Capture ($120 each)
Cash Drawer ($140 each)
Printer ($100 each)
Mobile Reader ($10 each)

Commonly Asked Questions

How do businesses like mine use Punchey’s eRegister Products?

Businesses typically use Punchey’s mobile apps for taking payments on the go, and use our web browser/cloud based portal for everything else. Everything else includes: taking phone orders, sending invoices, setting up recurring billing, managing customers, running marketing campaigns and viewing deposit reports.

Can the software work on my phone or tablet?

Yes, anywhere you can get access to a browser eRegister (and all Punchey Products) will work. In addition, we have customized apps with basic functionality for Android & iOS (this includes phones, phablets and tablets).

Are there cheaper plans for very small businesses?

Yes, Punchey knows that every business was once a small business and we pride ourselves in helping leveling the playing field. As such, we provide pricing incentives and programs for new and smaller businesses. Typically businesses that do less than $360,000 in revenue qualify. Learn more.

Do I have to use eRegister to work with Punchey?

No, you can choose to just use Punchey Merchant Services and/or SpringBoard if you already have POS software or just want a basic credit card machine. View compatible 3rd party software here or compatible credit card machines here.

What comes with Springboard?

All kinds of goodness.. deals, reviews, gift cards.

What else does Springboard do?

Springboard can track your website visitors, capture leads and record phone calls coming from your site. All this is stored in a your fresh, never stale online customer database for your company.

How does it work?

Simply configure your Springboard and drop a JavaScript snippet onto your webpage, and Whala!

What if I don't have a business website?

What! You're either crazy or just getting started (and neither are a problem). We can help you out. We've partnered with some of the top web designers in the country to get you just what you need. Contact our team today.

How do you provide such a ridiculously low rate with such transparent fees?

We are kind of snooty when it comes to who we accept. Sorry... That keeps our risk low and therefore our costs low. We pass those savings on to Punchey Merchant Services clients.

What if I don't have great credit or have had merchant services issues in the past?

Not a problem, we have some superb banks (including Wells Fargo & RBS) that we work with to get merchant accounts approved at still very attractive rates.

What about American Express?

Yes, in addition to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB and UnionPay we provide American Express processing. American Express recently rolled out lower rates for small businesses. Yah Amex! About time!

eCheck and ACH merchant Accounts?

We have those too and they’re completely compatible with all of Punchey’s eRegister product line. When you’re creating your account, just let us know that you’d like to accept eChecks and process ACH Payments.

Can I use a Punchey Merchant Account with my own credit card terminal or POS software?

If you're not interested in Punchey's applications (eRegister & SpringBoard) or want to utilize industry specific POS software, you can use your own device. That said, given data breach and security concerns, our recomendation is to use Punchey certified terminals that support encryption and EMV. If you do use your terminal or software, it must be certified as PCI/PA-DSS compliant.

What hardware accessories do you recommend for my kind of business?

If you have a store location we’d recommend a USB card reader or credit card machine. Or, if you’re visiting client’s locations a mobile card reader for a phone or tablet would be appropriate.

If I don't have a card reader, how else will I accept payments?

You can use Punchey's online invoicing tool, eCheck processing, recurring billing, virtual terminal (to take payment by phone), or manually enter card #'s with our mobile apps to bill customers.

One Man Band? You may qualify for our startup business pricing plan.

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Punchey's Service Pro edition for CNP transactions

Service Pros

Plumber & Service Pros,
Lawyers & Professionals,

Punchey's Store & Office edition for transactions on the spot

Storefront & Office

Medical Offices,
Specialty Retail Stores,
Auto Dealers & Services

Punchey's Hospitality & Nightlife edition for hospitality transactions

Hospitality & Nightlife

Cafes & Bars

Low Frequency

Perfect for low frequency transactions

High Ticket

Perfect for high ticket transactions

No Walk-In

Perfect for zero walk-in transactions

Invoicing & Cards

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Medium Frequency

Perfect for medium frequency transactions

Medium Ticket

Perfect for medium levels of ticket transactions

Medium Walk-In

Perfect for medium levels of walk-in transactions

Mix of Cards & Checks

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High Frequency

Perfect for high frequency transactions

Low Ticket

Perfect for low ticket quantities

High Walk-In

Perfect for high foot trafficwalk-ins

Mostly Cards

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