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Punchey ensures your information is secure by being PCI compliant and using PCI compliant vendors

PCI + Punchey

Becoming PCI compliant does all kinds of great things for your business. It’s main purpose is to help you, the vendor, protect cardholder information. However, it also improves your reputation among potential business partners, helps you safeguard your brand, and in some cases can even be used as a line of defence in a lawsuit. Punchey Inc. abides by PCI standards and asks that our customers do as well.

Explore Punchey’s Security Features

End To End Encryption

Punchey Inc. secures your data from the moment a card is swiped, to the very end of the payment process. Our cutting-edge card readers encrypt data at the read-head and again when it enters our servers. As an extra measure, we also do a daily purge of sensitive encrypted information. In short, data is secured, processed, and safely disposed of within 24 hours of a payment.

Multi-Layered Security

Punchey’s programmers are constantly tweaking and updating security measures, running tests, and implementing updated industry standards. While our team does an exceptional job, we still value an outside opinion. That is why we have monthly vulnerability scans performed by Trustwave, a highly respected information security company. Together, we are perpetually making positive changes to ensure the ongoing safety of your data.

24/7 System Surveillance

Our system counteracts potential attacks before they ever reach our servers. We have a firewall in place actively blocking threats, IP address and DDoS filtering, and a state-of-the-art intrusion identification and detection system. All of this is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Explore Your Industry's Payment Solution:

Punchey's Service Pro edition for CNP transactions

Service Pros

Plumber & Service Pros,
Lawyers & Professionals,

Punchey's Store & Office edition for transactions on the spot

Storefront & Office

Medical Offices,
Specialty Retail Stores,
Auto Dealers & Services

Punchey's Hospitality & Nightlife edition for hospitality transactions

Hospitality & Nightlife

Cafes & Bars

Low Frequency

Perfect for low frequency transactions

High Ticket

Perfect for high ticket transactions

No Walk-In

Perfect for zero walk-in transactions

Invoicing & Cards

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Medium Frequency

Perfect for medium frequency transactions

Medium Ticket

Perfect for medium levels of ticket transactions

Medium Walk-In

Perfect for medium levels of walk-in transactions

Mix of Cards & Checks

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High Frequency

Perfect for high frequency transactions

Low Ticket

Perfect for low ticket quantities

High Walk-In

Perfect for high foot trafficwalk-ins

Mostly Cards

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