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Best Practices To Get More Reviews

  1. ASK! Asking for a review from your customers in person is a great way to initiate a larger review flow. Ensure that you remind customers to leave reviews as much as possible. One great time to do so is after you’ve helped answer a customer service question, so the company is on the top of their mind at the time of the request.
    • Ask promptly.¬†The longer you wait, the likelihood of getting reviews drops. If you’ve helped a customer with a service question, or they’re paying for the service before leaving, its the best time to ask.
  2. Set up email requests. After reminding your customers to review your company, having an email sent to them is the easiest and most effective way to ensure they follow up on the request. People are happy to contribute when they don’t have to put in much work to do it. This links back to number 1. When you remind customers to review, remind them about the email they will receive.
    • Offer incentives.¬†This can go for customers and/or employees. You can incentivise customers by offering discounts, deals, and such, if they leave a review. You could also offer incentives to employees for asking for, and garnering customer reviews.
Updated on December 13, 2018

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