BYOB – Bring Your Own Bank

Depending on the software plan you’re on, you may be able to connect your existing merchant account to your Point of Sale Software. We call this BYOB or bring your own bank. We don’t believe any merchant should ever be locked into a specific processor… especially after they’ve invested so much time in training, learning and using their Punchey point of sale software.

How to integrate your existing merchant account provider:

  • Make sure you’re on a software plan that supports BYOB. Some of our entry level plans do not.
  • You must have your own merchant account or a merchant account that is not closed off. You can’t be on an aggregator like Square or Paypal that bundles you with hundreds of other merchants (and often high rates).
  • If you have your own merchant account simply call your processor and ask them for a VAR Sheet for Punchey’s point of sale software, or call your Punchey account manager and they can help facilitate this integration.

As always if you’re interested in using a direct Punchey merchant account please click here:

Updated on November 3, 2020

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