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How To Add SpringBoard Widgets To Your Website

This document shows you how to  configure and setup your SpringBoard subdomain for connection to your business website. It will

  1. Click the “Settings” tab on the left hand side, and go to Software Setup
  2. From this page, click the link that says “CRM & Site Apps”
  3. Click “Spring Board Domain”
    1. On this screen you want to
      1. fill in your URL (suggested that it follows your website URL)
      2. Type in your phone number (or the Smart Texting Number we set up)
      3. Paste the URLs to your site’s Contact, Location, and About pages and choose the color you would like for your header (using Hex Color Code)
      4. Upload your logo
      5. Ensure that the features you would like to use are turned on
  4. Now, copy the javascript code in Step 6 onto your website

Updated on June 14, 2019

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