How To Edit Appointment Reminders (SMS)

Sending appointment text message reminders to your customers is a great way to ensure no one misses their appointments, or will give you proper notice if they decide to cancel or reschedule. With our software, you can edit the reminders to tailor it to your business and your customers. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab and go to “Software Setup”
  2. Go to “Calendar & Resources”
  3. Under “Appointment Features” click the blue “Edit” button next to Reminder Service
  4. Here you will have a text box where you can type out what your message will read, and at the top you will see a dropdown menu where you can edit how long before the appointment the reminder will send.
  • There is a series of code that you can edit, which is outlined on the        page, so the text will automatically pull names and times if you would like to be specific with your messages.

Updated on October 10, 2019

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