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How to Setup iPad with iDynamo Swiper

This document shows you how to configure and setup the iDynamo Swiper with your iPad.

1. Connect iDynamo to the iOS device

2. Download MagneFLEX app from the App Store

3. Now on the Customer Facing iPad , open the MagneFLEX app

4. On the MagneFLEX app, click the “Admin” field and select “Set Readers.”
i. Check the circle that says “Physical Connection”
ii. Check the circle next to iDynamo

5. Under “Saved Devices,” select “Show Devices”

6. Click on the iDynamo, and when the “Options” tab opens up, select “Set as Default”

7. Select the “Web Applications” tab, and select “Default Web App”


8. Under “Web Applications” tab, select “Favorites.” Follow by clicking the “Add New Link” button in the top right.

9. On “Add New Site” screen, type “Punchey” in the “Website Name Field,” select “Set as
default website.”

10. Click “Enter URL and Credentials and enter “live.punchey.com” and click “Go.”

11. Enter your username and password to login to your account. This program will save
your username and password.

12. Now you can access your account by selecting the corresponding link under the
Favorites Tab.

13. Click “Quick Launch” under the Web Applications tab to automatically open default

Updated on March 27, 2019

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