Taking a Deposit for Booking

Deposits allow for customers to prepay for services or place payment to reserve an appointment. We offer several different ways to collect a deposit, review the options below to see what suits your business best!


Create a Booking and Collect Deposit – HANDSFREE!

Allow your customers to book themselves from your available schedule and leave deposit with our Online Booking component. You will receive notification of any new bookings and we won’t block the calendar up if they can’t pay the deposit! Follow the instructions HERE to get it set-up.


Getting to the Accept Deposit Page

Taking Deposit from Daily Schedule

After creating a booking, you can easily collect deposit on your booking by hovering over the action icon and selecting Collect Deposit. This will collect deposit for the customer associated with the booking.

Take Deposit from Customer Profile

Select or create your customer. From the customer profile, select Take Payment or Accept Deposit.


Start from the Deposits Page

You can also start from the deposits page and find the customer from there if processing deposits in bulk. You can find the from Checkout > Accept Deposit or in the Quick Menu under Accept Payment.


How to Process a Deposit

Step 1: Unless the customer currently owes money, it will let you know they have no outstanding invoices, enter the amount that you would like to collect for deposit.

You then have the option to send a link for payment or to continue to process payment in person or over the phone.

Send Payment Link – This gives you the option to send an SMS with the secure payment link for the customer where they will be able to enter their card details for payment. If you don’t have a text capable number, you will be provided with the link to send the customer through other means such as email. Once this has been sent, you’re done! You will be notified of the payment being completed. The balance will be applied as a credit on the customer’s account.

Process a Payment – This is what you will want to choose if you are accepting payment in person or over the phone. Continue to Step 2.


Step 2: Click Apply Credit on the pop-up window


Step 3: Choose the payment method, and enter a description titled: Deposit


Once payment has been completed, the customer will have a credit balance for the amount it was received. When you checkout the customer and click “Accept Payment” it will ask you if you want to use the “Unapplied Credit” (deposit). Click “continue to next step” to do so and the balance for the customer will be adjusted.


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Updated on January 19, 2021

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