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Connecting A Star mPOP Receipt Printer/Cash Drawer Combination

(after downloading, open/extract the zip file, then follow to select the folder named Setup and double click Setup)

  • After the mPOP drivers have been installed, plug the printer into a USB port on your PC and ensure the PSU is connected. Flick the switch on the side of the cash drawer to turn it on. You will see an image show up in the taskbar to indicate you it is installing the device into Windows. This will disappear on its own.

  • When the windows drivers have finished installing, go to Control Panel and select Devices and Printers.

  • In the event that you have installed everything accurately, the device will show up under the Printers header. Note: In the event that it appears as Unspecified, update the device drivers from the Device Manager following the instructions listed HERE

  • Right click on the Star mPOP printer and select Printing Preferences.

  • In the Printing Preferences window, select Advanced…

  • Tap the dropdown for Paper Size and change this to 54mm x Receipt. Click the OK button once you have done this. Then click Apply.

  • Right click on Star mPOP again and this time select Printer Properties.

  • At the point when the Properties window has opened, select the Device Settings tab.

  • Change FRICTION to 54mm x Receipt.
  • Tap the + image with Cash Drawer and starting from the drop menu by the word Timing select Document Top.
  • When you have made these changes, click Apply and after that click OK.

Updated on January 31, 2020

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