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A suite of payment tools to drive your business

The ultimate payment tools for any business owner. Our payment suite provides you with a range of payment apps to get paid quickly and efficiently
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Feel like a badass business owner when you get paid in minutes, not days or weeks

Punchey's payment suite provides businesses with a range of powerful tools to get paid quickly and efficiently. Whether that's at the checkout station, in the field, over the phone or online, we make it easy to improve your profits. With multiple ways to get paid, authorize cards and track it down to the penny you'll look like a pro while getting paid faster than ever.

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Setup automatic, recurring payments for your customers

The perfect solution for businesses that want to reduce overhead and get paid automatically. With our easy-to-use system, you can setup automatic payments for your customers quickly and easily. With our recurring billing feature, you can setup automatic payments for your customers. This means no more missed payments or chasing down invoices. Just set it and forget it! Plus, our system is totally secure and 100% PCI compliant, so you can rest assured that your customers' information is safe.

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Get paid on your tablet or smart phone

Convert your smart phone or tablet into a credit card reader. Punchey lets you take your payment processing on the go! With the Punchey Connect app, you can grab card information, text invoices or payment links, and pair a mobile card reader to run a sale or order. Whether you're a small business owner who needs to take payments on the road, or an individual who wants to be able to accept payments anywhere, Punchey is the perfect solution.

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Gift Cards Branded with your Logo

The Punchey Payment Vault allows you to securely and confidentially store customer payment information. Don't worry about tracking down payment and provide a customer convenience by storing the payment info in your vault. Avoid PCI compliance costs with our completely encrypted system.


  • Rest assured that your customer's data is safe and secure.
  • Keep your customer's payment information safe and secure.
  • Avoid the hassle and expense of security compliance.

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Invoicing tools & payment links

Simple to use payment links and e-invoices by text and email. Send right from your computer or mobile device.

  • Easily keep track of your unpaid invoices or clients missing deposits
  • Setup secure pages on your website to accept payment 24X7
  • Simple one click customer refunds from your app or desktop computer
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Introducing Punchey Gift Cards!

With our easy to use web portal, you can now issue your own branded gift cards that look and feel just like credit or debit cards issued by a bank. Using Gift Card Manager, sales of your gift cards can be easily managed online or in-store. So whether you're looking for a unique way to promote your business or just want to make gift-giving easier, Punchey Gift Cards are the perfect solution.

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It's a fraction of the cost of other point of sales, so you can save money while still getting all the features you need. And it's also great for businesses who want to increase their tips by accepting digital tips.
Jamie Snediker
Owner, Southernmost Tattoo, LLC

Our Rates Do Better

Transparent, custom pricing for every need.

Punchey Flat

per swipe
Keyed-in Rate
3.5% + 15¢
Breakeven Transaction Size
Average Sale Below $18
Simplicity - Same Rate for All Cards
No Hidden Fees
No Long Term Contracts
eCheck Rate (if Appcicable)
0.5% + 25¢

Punchey Flex

+ Interchange + 15¢
Keyed-in Rate
0.75% + Interchange + 15¢
Breakeven Transaction Size
Average Sale Above $18
Never pay more than what's required
Benefit form Durbin Amendment
No Hidden Fees
No Long Term Contracts
eCheck Rate (if Appcicable)
0.5% + 25¢

What Our Users Have To Say

It's a fraction of the cost of other point of sales, so you can save money while still getting all the features you need. And it's also great for businesses who want to increase their tips by accepting digital tips.
Jamie Snediker
Owner, Southernmost Tattoo, LLC
"Why not take customers 24/7. It's a customer convenience for existing customers that know what they want and who they want it from. Also I love getting reviews on google and yelp. We are growing our sales quickly!"
Brian Moore
Owner, West Side Tattoo
"I use Punchey's DetailPro app and just opened our second location. An entrepreneur all my life, this is the first app that puts everything all together. Scheduling, payment processing, marketing and company texting/communication. A+ to Punchey."
Ryan Nickol
Owner, Unique Auto Detailing

Questions We Get Asked A Lot

Why Punchey?

Punchey is a powerful, user friendly solution for managing your business. Whether you’re overseeing hundreds of big ticket billings or a dozen small payment requests, we offer our users a robust platform to get the job done.

  • Appointment scheduling software & employee management - Schedule staff, track hours and generate performance and sales reports for each employee.
  • Payment processing - We've integrated the lowest cost merchant providers with the best rates to provide affordable credit card and e-check acceptance. Every time a customer swipes their card and signs with PayPad, their full name and signature are automatically saved into your company’s online database. By adding an email address and phone number to their profile, you have the ability to use Punchey’s Value Added Tools to achieve your business’s specific goals.
  • Customer Profiles - Automatically create and store customer profiles linked with transaction history, communication history and more.
  • Reputation Manager - A few bad online reviews can do major damage to a business’s reputation. Punchey helps you respond to potentially harmful criticism before anyone else has a chance to see it. Bring in more clientele by easily and quickly sending review requests.
  • Tips and signatures - Businesses find that asking for a tip after a transaction grows revenue by more than $10,000/year. Allow customers to effortlessly sign on your PayPad to authorize their purchase.
  • Email & SMS Receipts - Go green, save the environment, save money and connect with customers. What's not to like about email receipts?
  • Cloud Based POS - With a cloud based POS you can access your data from anywhere, don't have to wait for software updates and aren't dependent on a single hardware manufacturer or operating system.

Why accept card payments?

Cash-only operations hinder business sales and potentially make the business lose hundreds of prospective customers. Here are some of the ways that accepting card payments increases revenue and cuts costs.

  • Business credibility - Businesses that accept card transactions are viewed as more legitimate than those that don’t. When a customer trusts you, they’ll do business with you.
  • Increased sales volume - Accepting Credit Cards for your business is increasingly important.  In a survey provided by 69% of millennial’s, three-fifths of respondents aged 35-44 and nearly 50% of consumers 45 and older say they only shop at businesses that accept credit cards. Industry research also indicates accepting credit cards can improve revenue by as much as 23%. Accepting credit cards provides convenience to consumers who do not have cash on hand or for those who are hoping to finance their purchase. It will also increase the likelihood that customers will make impulse purchases.
  • Cardholders spend more - When given the opportunity to pay by card, consumers feel more financial liberty. On average consumers will spend 20% more when paying by credit card than by cash or check. Larger orders mean more profit for you.
  • More secure - Card payments offer security against fraud and theft. There’s fewer opportunities to make mistakes, such as taking the wrong amount of money or short-changing a customer (or being tricked into thinking you have).

Which cards can I accept?

You can accept every major card—Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover—all for the lowest rates in the industry. GUARANTEED.

Does the app work with my existing hardware?

Punchey lets you use the computer or laptop you already have. That means you don’t have to switch up your hardware for us or try to run your entire business on an iPad. Compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer, all you need is an internet connection and your existing computer.

Is it safe?

Punchey processes all payments using an industry-standard PCI-compliant system. Our credit card processing is extremely safe, with data protection features such as: advanced card authentication, data encryption, as well as host authentication.

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