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How to Use a Tablet as your Signpad with Punchey POS

This document shows you how to  configure and setup your Register with SignPad our signpad technology. (signpad is the name we use for any tablet you have facing a customer that will be configured for tip & signature collection at time of checkout). This document includes details on configuring both the customer facing touch screen or swivel touch screen option (if your main computer has a touch screen).

Before you get started, find the register you want to configure in your account:

Settings > Software Setup> Register Checkout > Registers > Select Register > Press Edit.

  • Select Signature Pad Type:
  • Single Touch Screen, or
  • Customer Facing Touch Screen (Most Recommended) 

  • Set tip collection to No Tips, Upfront Tips or Tips during Signature (more subtle)
  • Press Save

Customer Facing Tablet (Also called Dual Display) you need to sign in on this device. 

  • Now on the Customer Facing iPad (or other touch screen device), go to sign in using your signature pad login
  • Sign in with the sign pad username: sign+(biz-id)@punchey.com / password: sign1234 . (Please call 855-PUNCHEY to get your business id if you don’t have one OR chat or email us at support@punchey.com)
  • You will then see a screen to select the register you are connecting to:

  • Now, on the computer, open the register you’re testing and run a transaction
  • If successfully configured, You will see the customer facing tablet prompts for signature and potentially tips or a donation (if enabled).

  • IMPORTANT: Lastly, to ensure your new signature device does not time-out, please set your lock settings to OFF
        1. Click Settings on Ipad
        2. Type in Unlock into the search
        3. Click Auto Lock and set to NEVER


NOTE/HIGHLY Recommend: on iPads (what we test on) we recommend using the Safari Browser so you can save the web address to the home screen and it will behave like an Application instead of a Browser. To save to home page, go to login at live.punchey.com on the SignPad and then click the save to homescreen button


To see an example of what the clerk and customer see at the same time, go here.


Updated on February 21, 2019

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