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How To Sell Gift Cards On Your Website

DetailPro software allows for you to link a subdomain called your “Springboard” website, to your company website. This subdomain is host to four sections, one of which allows you to advertise and sell gift cards.

1. Click on “Settings” and go to “Software Setup”

2. Click on “CRM & Site Apps” and follow to “Spring Board Domain”

3. If your “Spring Board” is set up and you haven’t utilized the Gift Card feature yet, you’ll        want to activate it, by clicking the “On” button next to “Gift Cards:”

4. Next, go back to “Software Setup” and click on “Gift Card Manager”

5. Follow the steps:

  • Choose a photo that you would like to appear on your gift card on your site, or leave blank for the default.
  • Write a brief description or message
  • Choose whether you would like to sell e-cards, physical, or both
  • Choose your security settings
  • Choose the email addresses you would like to receive notifications when cards are purchased

6. Then, in order to publish the online widget to your website, you will copy and paste the       javascript code in step 6 to your website.

Updated on June 14, 2019

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