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How To Set Up Review Requests

1. Click on “Reputation” and go to “ReviewRequests”

2. Start by selecting your preferences on how and when review requests will be sent.              Automatically sending with your e-receipt, as well as after is recommended for                  maximum engagement.

3. Now, if you are embedding review requests in your e-receipts, you will want to customize the message to make it personal. Click the “ReviewRequest template” link in step 2:

Fill in the subject, message, and footer to your liking. There is a preset template, as well.

4. You then want to select the spokesperson for your company, which would typically be the business owner or a senior manager at your company.

5. The social word of mouth generator and negative review interceptor features are very helpful tools.

  • The social word of mouth generator gives you the opportunity to send a personalized message to customers who have posted positive reviews. It will encourage those to post elsewhere online, and spread by word of mouth about your business and quality of service
  • The negative review interceptor will alert you of any negative reviews you receive, and will send them a message requesting feedback.

6. Lastly, you can set incentives in exchange for reviews. You can incentivize your                 customers to post positive reviews by offering credits in exchange, in step 5.

7. When you are all finished, click the blue “Save” button.

Updated on March 27, 2019

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