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Phone Based & App Based Click 2 Call

Smart Number Outbound Calling.

C2C stands for Click 2 Call. Punchey CRM products come with 2 forms of click to call. App-based and Phone-based. Here is a quick description of each.

  • Phone Based Click 2 Call: When you view a customer and click Call, a call relay will happen. Meaning, your local line will be called by Punchey and will then automatically call the customer. Your local line can be your direct cell phone or desk phone at your office. OR if you’re using an internal PBX system, the number should be your phone’s actual # and not the main line number. You can set the number to connect to in your My Account page. The customer will see your Smart # as the caller ID.
  • App Based Click 2 Call: This works very similarly to Skype or other internet based phone systems. The call is completely web based and routed through the internet. When you use this setting, you will be calling via your web browser when you press the phone icon or phone number link on the contact. The customer will still see your Smart # as the caller id.
    • NOTE: On iPhone / iOS only Safari Supports App Based Click 2 Call. Apple only gives 3rd party browsers like Chrome view only permissions 🙁

Note, all outbound calls are automatically logged and depending on your smart # settings and state legalities, can be recorded.

Updated on March 29, 2019

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