Punchey Dial Terminals Now Come With Customer Data

April 1, 2014

Boston tech startup now collects customer data through traditional terminals.

Boston, MA- June 18, 2013—Punchey users now have the ability to collect customer data through a dial terminal when they process payments using an IP connection. The improved connectivity gives terminal users access to insights that were previously only available to those processing on Punchey Live.

“We didn’t want Punchey vendors to miss out on our analytical tools just because of their hardware preferences,” said Jared Sher, Punchey’s lead Merchant Portfolio Specialist. “The last thing we want to do is limit the businesses we work with. We understand that every store runs differently- options are incredibly important.”

A single payment captures a customer’s full name and creates a Punchey Live profile with their information. After the initial purchase, the platform allows you to build upon customer profiles and add a phone number, email address and auto-compile a purchase history. Punchey adds value to that information through a laundry list of marketing add-ons.

Although dial terminals are typically used by high-volume, payment-centric vendors, Punchey predicts that those vendors will start to place a higher value on customer data now that it is readily accessible.

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