Punchey Inc. Releases New Marketing & Analytics Tools

December 18, 2013

The tech company seeks to increase value of payment data with new and improved features.

Boston – December 18, 2013 — As of this morning, Punchey Inc. has added a host of new marketing and analytics tools to their existing features. The release is part of the startup’s latest effort to give small businesses the same resources as their larger corporate competitors at a fraction of the cost.

“Our new offerings aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity,” said Jared Sher, Punchey’s lead Merchant Portfolio Specialist. “All of our clients are serious about increasing revenue and growing their businesses. As their payment partners, we have a responsibility to help them achieve those goals any way we can.”

All of the new analytics tools can be accessed through Punchey Live, the company’s Internet based processing platform. New features include:

  • A live feed of new transactions
  • In-depth customer profiles (including individual processing rates, projected consumer value, and contact information)
  • Integrated marketing campaign capabilities (see how many new customers resulted from a campaign, total ROI, daily statistics, etc.)

The raw data captured by Punchey’s payment processing systems is taken and interpreted by algorithms that exist within Punchey Live. As a result, business owners have access to a wealth of information through the simple act of swiping or keying in a payment.

Punchey’s belief that value lies within customer data acquisition will certainly mean the development of similar analytics tools as the business moves forward.

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