Organize Your Invoices and Staff Commissions in One Place

Streamline Your Operations with Our Advanced POS Software for Medical Spas

MediSpa is a medical spa POS solution to simplify your finances and spa management.

Save time and money with our all-in-one spa management solution.

Medical Spa Software - Features & Benefits

Itemized Checkout
Easily manage your transactions with our itemized checkout feature, allowing you to provide detailed receipts to your customers while maintaining accurate records of all sales.
Email & Text Receipts
Enhance customer experience and streamline communication with automated email and text receipts, keeping your customers informed and engaged while reducing paper waste.
Commission Tracking
Simplify commissions for your aestheticians and other staff with our built-in commission management system, ensuring fair and transparent commission calculations for your team.
iPad Signatures & Tips
Provide a seamless checkout experience with iPad signatures and tips, allowing your customers to conveniently sign for their services and add tips digitally, eliminating the need for paper receipts.
Digital Consent Forms
Go paperless with our digital consent forms, allowing your customers to conveniently sign and submit forms electronically, saving time and reducing administrative overheads.
Inventory Tracking
MediSpaPro’s stock tracking feature helps you stay on top of product quantities, restocking needs, and sales performance to optimize your inventory at all times.

Stop juggling multiple software tools and switch to our all-in-one spa management platform.

Why US Spa Business Owners Love Us?

"Efficient and user-friendly POS software. Simplified our cash handling and improved our inventory management."
Jamie Snediker
Owner, Southernmost Salon
"Streamlined our checkout process, and the digital consent forms are a game-changer. Highly recommend!"
Brian Moore
Owner, West Side Salon
"It's a fraction of the cost of other point of sales, so you can save money while still getting all the features you need. And it's also great for businesses who want to increase their tips by accepting digital tips."
Ryan Nickol
Owner, Unique Salon

Join the thousands of spas that trust our POS software.

SalonPro POS Benefits

Upselling to Your Customers

With MediSpaPro's upselling feature, you can suggest additional services or products to your clients during their appointment or checkout process, maximizing your revenue potential with every transaction.

Cash Management Control

Gain control over your cash flow with our robust cash management features, including cash reconciliation, and cash drawer tracking, ensuring accurate and efficient cash handling.

Powerful Dashboard for Payments

Get a comprehensive view of your payments and sales performance with our intuitive dashboard, providing real-time insights and analytics to help you make informed decisions for your medical spa.

Digital Tip Collection & Reporting

Simplify tip collection and reporting with our digital tip tracking feature, ensuring accurate tip reporting and seamless distribution to your staff, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

Easy Setup & Integration

Enjoy a hassle-free setup and integration process with our user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other medical spa management tools, allowing you to start using our POS software quickly and efficiently.

Accept a Variety of Payment Channels

Expand your payment options and accommodate your customers' preferences with our support for multiple payment channels, including cash, credit/debit cards, gift cards, and mobile payments, providing a seamless and convenient checkout experience.

Take your shop to the next level with SalonPro – the leading cloud-based salon POS platform.

FAQs on Medical Spa POS Software

How does the commission tracking feature work, and can it handle different commission structures for my staff?

MediSpaPro is designed to handle various commission structures, including percentage-based, flat-rate, or custom commission calculations for different staff members. You can easily set up and manage commission rules within the software to ensure fair and accurate commission calculations.

Can I collect digital consent forms from my customers before their treatments, and can they sign them electronically?

Yes, our medical spa POS software allows you to collect digital consent forms from your customers, which they can sign electronically using the software's built-in signature feature. This helps streamline your intake process and eliminates the need for paper consent forms.

Does the software provide real-time updates on product quantities and restocking needs?

MediSpaPro provides real-time updates on product quantities, allowing you to track inventory levels, set up low inventory alerts, and receive restocking notifications. This helps you stay on top of your inventory management and ensures that you never run out of products.

What payment channels does MediSpaPro support?

Our medical spa POS software supports a variety of payment channels, including cash, credit/debit cards, and gift cards. This provides flexibility and convenience for your customers, allowing them to choose their preferred payment method for a seamless checkout experience.

Make your payments and invoices at lightning speed with our advanced medical spa POS software.

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