May 22, 2023

The Guide to Building Your Personal Brand as a Salon Business Owner


Big brands like Nike, Cocacola, and Apple have come a long way to become the challengers they are today. A fraction of that success is attributed to better branding.

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Big brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple have come a long way to become the challengers they are today. A fraction of that success is attributed to better branding

It's not just companies that stand out as brands. You as an individual too can be a brand. Personal branding can set you apart as a leader and an influencer. Such a force is powerful enough not just to fuel your salon business but bring forth opportunities and connections that grow your career.

But, here's an eye-opener; building a strong brand identity goes far beyond slapping a logo on a flyer. It's an in-depth process that entails a lot of critical thought- including analyzing competitors.

In this article, we are going to share with you a few secrets to building a strong personal brand for your salon or spa business. This way, you can compete effectively and get noticed widely in the beauty industry. Ready for the ride? Nice.

How do you build a strong personal brand?

  1. Have you discovered all or most of your talents?

You really need to discover what you are good at because this is the cornerstone of personal branding. This is arguably the most time-consuming stage in branding efforts.

You need to investigate your skills and strengths. Ask yourself, "What makes me special?". Yes, yes...the journey to self-discovery is sometimes too long, we know. All the same, you must dig deep within, lay down your career objectives and even ask yourself where you need to see yourself in a year, two, or three.

In-depth inquiry into yourself is the only path to developing a strong personal brand. After all, it's called personal for a reason. When you become self-aware, it becomes easier to navigate many personal and business challenges. Are we together? Of course.

One more thing, while analyzing yourself, take stock of your tangible and intangible skills. Tangible skills are practical skills such as manicure, pedicure, etc. The more you have, the better. Soft or intangible skills on the other hand, are just as important in running a business. They include communication, leadership, listening skills, etc.

  1. Create a pool of branding tools

Hurray! You know yourself, the next step is to collect a bunch of tools to help you build a better brand. The tools can either be online or offline-based and you need them to interact with your audience. It always helps to on a cloud-based cloud-based salon marketing software that utilizes most of the featues that we'll cover.

So, what are these branding tools we are talking about? They are things you already know; your resume, business plan, business card, website( separate from your salon's) social media networks, photos, salon POS, and many more.

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Branding is also about how you want to present yourself. Colors need to look and feel the same across all your selling channels. Your taglines, messages and logos must be consistent and in full support of your mission statement.

Branding tools help you educate your audience , sell, and stick in your customers mind for repeat transactions. So obviously, you must sit down and think about how to present yourself in a captivating way because the beauty industry is pretty big. And other folks out there are spending big bucks to remain memorable to their customers.


  1. Figure out how to communicate your brand

You know you, you've got enough branding tools. Now, the million dollar question is, what do you want to be known for? What value do you intend to add to the industry? Will you be unique and relevant? These are questions that will guide you on how to communicate your brand messaging.

To effectively communicate your personal brand, you must pick a niche that you can ace. A niche that you know you can crack, provide immense value and be known for it. it's best to go with underserved or unexplored areas because competition is low. If you become a jack of all trades, its hard to be regarded as an expert.

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  1. Time to go-Keep the wheels greased and running

You have come all the way from identifying your strengths, skills, and what to offer. Now is the time to manage your brand. This stage involves things like keeping salons tools up-to-date, executing salon reputation management strategies, being active with clients and growing both online and offline connections.

Closing the curtains

Building a personal brand for your salon is hard, but not impossible. Once you know yourself, your skills, and what you are really good at, then you are ready to go. Remember, for you to be considered an expert, the go-to guru, you must be so good at something.

Try not to be a jack of all trades and keep your business tools up to date. The value you offer to the market will determine how fast your personal brand will grow or diminish. Fortunately, salon management and business has been made easier with SalonPro software.

FAQs on Building a Salon Brand

  1. How do I build a salon brand?

You must start by giving it a personality. Choose not-so-common services that will distinguish it from the "generalists." You will also need the best tools for communicating with your audience. The messaging, color and tone should remain consistent across all business channels.

  1. What are the tenets of personal branding?

For you to be a strong brand, you are expected to be authentic, authority, an inspiration, and an artinasat. Strive to become a go-to expert and your contribution to the salon industry will be memorable.

  1. How do I start personal branding?

You need to assess your skills, strengths and other personal attributes. Decide whether you need to increase soft or hard skills. Next, find a niche that is not too common. Afterward, find the right tools that will help you reach out to your audience.

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