Organize Your Invoices and Staff Commissions in One Place

Seamless Payment Processing with Pet Grooming POS Software

Meet GroomPro, a POS software for business owners in the grooming industry that lets you adopt faster and more professional checkouts.

Save time and money with our all-in-one pet grooming management solution.

Why Use a Pet Grooming POS Software

Itemized Checkout
GroomPro's itemized checkout feature allows you to easily break down products and services for pet owners, ensuring accuracy and transparency in transactions resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.
Email & Text Receipts
Send receipts directly to clients' email or phone, reducing paper waste and enhancing convenience. No more hassle of paper receipts, making it easy for clients to keep track of their transactions.
Commission Tracking
GroomPro's Staff Commission Reporting calculates and distributes commissions to staff based on sales and services. Motivate and incentivize your staff for increased productivity and profitability.
iPad Signatures & Tips
Collect signatures and tips directly on your iPad, eliminating paper forms and enhancing convenience and efficiency. Streamline the checkout process and provide a modern experience for clients.
Digital Consent Forms
Collect and store consent forms electronically, reducing paper waste and enhancing salon efficiency. Provide a convenient and eco-friendly way for clients to provide consent for services.
Inventory Tracking
GroomPro's inventory tracking feature helps track inventory levels and receive alerts for low products. Ensure you always have the products you need, leading to greater client satisfaction and profitability.
Gift Cards
Sell and track gift cards for your pet grooming business, providing a convenient gifting option for clients. Increase revenue and promote client loyalty with this additional offering.

Stop juggling multiple software tools and switch to our all-in-one pet grooming management platform.

Why US Pet Grooming Business Owners Love Us?

"GroomPro's transparent invoicing systems, digital receipts, and commission tracking for our staff have improved the way I operate. Highly recommended!"
Jamie Snediker
Owner, Southernmost Salon
"Definitely a game-changer for my pet grooming salon. The digital tip collection, powerful payment dashboard, and easy setup have made my business more efficient and profitable."
Brian Moore
Owner, West Side Salon
"It's a fraction of the cost of other point of sales, so you can save money while still getting all the features you need. And it's also great for businesses who want to increase their tips by accepting digital tips."
Ryan Nickol
Owner, Unique Salon

Join the thousands of pet groomers that trust our POS software.

Pet Grooming POS Software - Features & Benefits

Upselling to Your Customers

Boost your revenue potential with GroomPro's smart upselling feature. Personalize recommendations for additional services or products during appointments or checkout, providing tailored solutions to your clients while maximizing your sales.

Cash Management Control

Rest easy knowing GroomPro's advanced cash management feature keeps your finances in check. Track cash flow, reconcile cash drawers, and manage transactions with precision, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your financial operations.

A Comprehensive Dashboard for Payments

Stay in the driver's seat of your studio’s financial performance with GroomPro's powerful payment dashboard. Gain comprehensive insights into all payment transactions, streamline financial tracking and decision-making, and stay ahead of the game.

Digital Tip Collection & Reporting

Elevate your tipping process with GroomPro’s seamless digital tip collection feature. Provide a convenient and modern way for customers to add tips digitally, while easily tracking and reporting on tip revenue for effective financial management.

Easy Setup & Integration

Experience a hassle-free setup and integration process with GroomPro. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless onboarding experience, allowing you to quickly get started and optimize your business operations without any roadblocks.

Accept a Variety of Payment Channels

GroomPro's inventory tracking feature helps track inventory levels and receive alerts for low products. Ensure you always have the products you need, leading to greater client satisfaction and profitability.

Take your shop to the next level with GroomPro – the leading cloud-based grooming POS platform.

FAQs on Pet Grooming POS Software

How does a pet grooming POS software handle payments and invoicing for my business?

Pet grooming POS software streamlines payments and invoicing for your grooming business by providing a secure and efficient system for accepting payments from clients, generating invoices, and tracking transactions in one place.

What are the core functionalities of pet grooming POS software?

Pet grooming POS software automates the process of generating invoices for your grooming services, making it easy to track payments, send reminders, and manage outstanding balances. This helps you stay organized and ensures timely payments for your services.

Can clients add tips digitally with GroomPro?

GroomPro allows clients to add tips digitally during the checkout process. This convenient feature eliminates the need for cash tips and allows clients to provide gratuity digitally, enhancing the overall experience for both clients and groomers.

What payment channels does GroomPro support?

GroomPro allows you to accept different types of payment methods, including credit cards, cash, and other forms of payment, providing flexibility and convenience for your clients and ensuring seamless transactions.

Bill smart and fast by letting the Pet Grooming POS software.

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