Make Online Bookings Easier for Customers

Simplify Appointments and Boost Efficiency with Pet Grooming Scheduling Software

A well-designed, simple-to-use app that helps you manage your appointments with ease. Our software is developed by industry leaders for grooming business owners.

Save time and money with our all-in-one grooming scheduling solution.

Why Use GroomPro as a Scheduling Software?

Pet grooming scheduling software offers a comprehensive solution for pet groomers to help streamline their business operations. With the help of intuitive features, pet grooming owners can easily track customer information, create and manage appointments, process payments, manage staff schedules, and generate reports.
Make Online Bookings Easier for Pet Owners
Our pet grooming scheduling software makes it easy for pet owners to book appointments online without having to call in or wait in line. It enables quick and convenient bookings, streamlining the appointment process for pet owners and groomers alike, enabling quick. Maximize efficiency, delight clients, and expand your business with ease!
Automate Appointment Reminders
GroomPro will make sure you never miss appointments. Appointment reminders are sent out automatically, giving pet owners like you plenty of time to prepare for appointments. This makes sure that you never forget or miss appointments, while also allowing you to focus more on other aspects of your business.
Effortlessly Monitor Your Pet Grooming Business
You can track appointment cancellations, no-shows, and other important details. This data is generated to help you make informed decisions to ensure your business is running efficiently and effectively.

Stop juggling multiple software tools and switch to our all-in-one grooming scheduling platform.

Why US Pet Grooming Business Owners Love Us?

"GroomPro is one of the best tools I've used in recent years. Set it up and watch both your bookings and bottom line climb up."
Jamie Snediker
Owner, Southernmost Salon
"GroomPro has made online bookings so much easier for pet owners! We highly recommend pet grooming scheduling software to make your life easier."
Brian Moore
Owner, West Side Salon
"It's a fraction of the cost of other point of sales, so you can save money while still getting all the features you need. And it's also great for businesses who want to increase their tips by accepting digital tips."
Ryan Nickol
Owner, Unique Salon

Join the thousands of pet groomers that trust our scheduling software.

Pet Grooming Scheduling Software Features & Benefits

Online Appointment Scheduling

GroomPro allows your customers to easily book appointments online, eliminating the need for phone calls and streamlining the booking process for your business.

Automated Reminders

Our grooming scheduling software sends automated reminders to your customers and staff about upcoming appointments, reducing the number of no-shows and missed appointments.

Customer Database

In addition to that, it stores customer information, including pet information such as breed and grooming preferences, making it easy for your business to keep track of each individual customer's needs.

Increased Operational Efficiency

With our easy-to-use scheduling software, you can spend less time managing appointments and more time providing quality grooming services to your furry clients.

More Customer Satisfaction

Sending automated reminders to your customers and employees ensures that they don't forget about appointments, leading to fewer cancellations and happier customers.


By storing and organizing customer information, our software allows you to plan and provide a more personalized experience to each individual customer, enhancing their satisfaction with your business.

Take your shop to the next level with GroomPro – the leading cloud-based pet grooming scheduling platform.

FAQs on Pet Grooming Scheduling Software

What is pet grooming scheduling software?

Pet grooming scheduling software is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that makes it easy for pet owners to book appointments with groomers online. It eliminates the need for phone calls or waiting in line and allows pet owners to quickly and easily make their appointments.

How does the automated reminder system work?

The automated reminder system sends out reminders to pet owners ahead of time, ensuring that they never miss their appointment. This helps reduce no-shows and gives pet owners plenty of time to prepare for their appointment.

How can I use the customer database feature?

The customer database feature stores customer information such as breed preferences and other important details about each individual client. This data can be used to provide a more personalized experience when serving customers, which increases satisfaction with your business.

Schedule smart, book fast, and run your grooming business on autopilot with GroomPro scheduling software!

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